Southwestern Advantage Summer Internship 2014

Southwestern Advantage is made up of some of the most hard-working, talented, and motivated college students in the world.

This is a summer internship in USA that provides:

  • Unmatched experience in running a business
  • Extraordinary financial opportunity
  • Life skills training
  • Personal growth
  • Challenging environment
  • Mentoring from top performers, proven managers

Last year we had 2700 students participating from 350 universities around the world. This year we have 6-10 places available for UWM

Info meeting takes place on Wednesday, 17.00 (March 5th), Economy building, aula Wykladowa (ul. M. Oczapowskiego 4).
The second meeting: Monday & Tuesday, 17.00 (march 10rd & 11th), Economy Building, Aula Wykladowa (Ul. M. Oczapowskiego 4.
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