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Environmental Engineering

BSc in Environmental Engineering (BEE)

Degree to be obtained:
Inżynier (Engineer) of Environmental Engineering 
Faculty: Faculty of Geoengineering
Field of study: Environmental Engineering 
Specialty: Environmental Engineering
Duration: 7 semesters 
Language: English

General information
The program of the English-taught Bachelor’s study focuses on problems related to environmental engineering and sustainable development. Graduates will have engineering skills based on general knowledge of basic subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and microbiology. They will acquire knowledge about the components of the environment and basic technologies used in water and wastewater treatment, land reclamation, management of waste and air protection. The program focuses on the production of bioenergy and the microbiological bases of biotechnological processes in environmental engineering. Students will gain basic knowledge in the field of quality assessment, management and law in environmental protection in the national and international perspective. Students can shape their professional path by choosing facultative classes covering various aspects of environmental engineering. 

Graduates will be prepared to operate and assess the efficiency of technical equipment and technical infrastructure systems in the areas of water supply and sewage disposal, water and wastewater treatment, sewage sludge processing, waste management and air cleaning.

Graduates can find employment in municipal enterprises, in construction and installation companies, in operating and technical service of industrial plants (operation of facilities, networks and installations related to water collection, treatment and distribution, water and wastewater treatment and waste management), in state and local government administration bodies and in sanitary supervision.



For the admission rules please check:
Eligibility criteria:


The cost is 5,000 PLN/semester, approx. 1200 euros/semester 
Free of charge for European Union members 


For questions about these studies, please contact:
prof. Marcin Zieliński
Faculty of Geoengineering
Phone +48 89 523 41 24

Mobile: +48 725 99 30 10


Subjects conducted at BEE:

Introduction to Biology
Math Calculus 
Fundamentals of microbiology
Engineering Graphics and Cad
Principles of Toxicology
Environmental chemistry
Fluid Mechanics
Geotechnical Engineering
Programming for engineers
Hydrology and Earth Sciences
Bases of Air Quality
Water supply systems
Material Science
Water management
Microbiology of Biosystems
Water monitoring
Land reclamation
Sewage systems
Soil and groundwater remediation
Technologies of water treatment – laboratory
Sanitary microbiology
Treatment Processes in Environmental Engineering
Engineering of Water Protection and Restoration
Technologies of Wastewater Treatment – laboratory
Facilities for water and wastewater treatment systems
Water Resources Engineering
Design of water-sewage systems
Sludge Management – laboratory
Design Thinking in Environmental Engineering
Biological methods in wastewater treatment – laboratory
Data Analysis in Environmental Engineering
Bioenergy Technologies
Waste Recycling
Biological processes in Environmental Engineering
Sludge Management
Biogas Production Technologies
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Green Design
Practical training
Engineering Thesis

Electives Non-Technical Competences:
Human Electives
Social Sciences Elective
Practices of Academic Writing