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Process Engineering and Environmental Protection

MSc in Process Engineering and Environmental Protection

(double diploma) (Opinions)

Degree to be obtained

Master of process engineering, master in environmental protection

Programme description

The Faculty of Geoengineering (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland) and the Faculty of Mechanics and Engineering (University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany) invite to apply for a master’s course that has been conducted since 2008/2009 for international students. Courses start in the spring/summer semester. One semester will be spent in Offenburg and one in Olsztyn. In the third semester students may choose their place of study. After successfully completing three semesters, students earn a “double MSc” and are awarded certificates from both universities. All students participate in real-world projects, in addition to attending lectures and lab classes. Students solve problems related to the use of the natural environment using various technologies. They learn how to use advanced research techniques to draw conclusions about the state of the environment. Our graduates have the necessary skills and attitudes for a successful career in industry or academic institutions.


3 semesters (1.5 years)
The studies start in February of a particular academic year.


Free of charge, registration fee 85 PLN (about 18 Euro).


Online application  
The studies start in February of a particular academic year. Application is up to the beginning of February but apply much earlier if you need to obtain additional documents, e.g. a visa.
Instruction of logging to the IRK system  *pdf






Admission takes place consecutively for graduates who have successfully completed a Bachelor’s/Engineer’s degree with 210 ECTS (or equivalent) or have completed a Master’s degree. Those degrees should be obtained in the field: Civil Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical and Process Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Chemical Technology, Food Technology and Human Nutrition, Zootechnics, Bioengineering of Food Production, Agricultural and Forestry Technology, Management of Renewable and Mineral Resources, Food Processing Engineering, Commodity Science or similar field.

The admission procedure requires the diploma with a transcript of records. Students with a diploma of completion of studies abroad, who have a first degree comprising less than 210 ECTS (or equivalent), will be asked to pass courses from a given course catalogue with a workload of up to 30 ECTS, before the Master’s degree can be awarded.

Our program in the field of Environmental Engineering has been rated 5th out of 27 such programs in Poland, indicating the quality of the research and education that takes place at our institution.

Feedback from our students


For questions about these studies, please contact:

Dr Hab. Eng. Katarzyna Bernat
Faculty of Geoengineering
Phone: +48 89 523 41 18
Fax: +48 89 523 41 31

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